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  • Revitalizing your working or non-working industrial X-Ray unit..

  • Competitive pricing of New and Used parts.

  • Predictive/ Preventive Maintenance Programs (Calibration):

    Monitor your Unit and its ability to perform the basic functions of its design, verify that the unit is operating within standards that are required for your application and document all operations digitally. Maintain Equipment cleanliness and operation.

  • Image Monitoring with:

    NDT Convergent Line Pair (Nuclear Associates), Contrast Test Pattern, Resolution Test Tools, IQI and step Wedge performance (ASTM) with Digital documentation Service reports.

  • Radiation Survey Testing:

    2 X Ludlum Geiger counter Survey meters

  • Rapid Response to Emergency Service Via Phone, Remote Services and Onsite Repairs:

    Our goal is to restore your Unit to its original condition as quickly and efficiently as possible. And we’ll keep working until you’re satisfied with the results. An inoperable unit is loss of quality.

  • Repairs and maintenance on Many existing units With Experience in: Yxlon, Bosello, Philips, Pixi, Mark Ind., GE Siefert, Gulmay, North Star, TED, Perkin Elmer, Varex, IRT, CRT, Comet Technologies, Pantak, Fein Focus, Dage,  Durr NDT, ECT…. If you don’t see it listed just Ask a Team member

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